Aiki Craft
Documenting a journey into the crafting of training weaponry for Aikido — Fancy weapons do not a good aikidoka make, but who says an aikidoka can't make good fancy weapons?


A short blurb on why this web site even exists in the first place.

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Bokkens, jo, knives, and more!

Work-in-progress notes and photos from the growing list of my projects. Not as well summarised as one of my guide articles, and not as pretty as the gallery photos of the finished items.


Collections of photos of some of my project items.

May load slowly due to large images.


Feeling inspired? Want to make your own training weapons but don't know where to start?

Have a look in this section and see if that's not enough to kick you off!


List of useful resources of various kinds. Wood recommendations, suppliers, how-tos, etc.

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